In 2012, about 83 million people visited France. This is not surprising, because France is more than 20 years, the first place of tourism on the planet. France is bordered by seven European countries. Monaco is a small enclave within it. France has a large landmass, with the long Atlantic coast in the west, the Mediterranean coast in the south, and the land along the English Channel in the north. France also has many foreign territories, in South America, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. If you want to visit France, here are some travel tips you can take with you. We will end our discussion with the main power of France on the European continent – the city of the rest of the world associated with great food, fine wines and high fashion. France holds the distinction as the number one country in the world that tourists visit more than any other does.  destinations en France 


Bring a few extra Euros 


The French enjoy a high standard of living, even by European standards. The passage passes will expect to spend a few Euros to spend a few Euros to be perfect. In France, there is a good food and a higher product. However, the best the French have to offer often comes at a high price.


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy France if you’re a budget traveler. There are also cheap options. Instead of dinner and a housing restaurant, you can get good food at the local shop and make it a shit of Seine instead. Be sure to find an outdoor market in your area. You will find great products and other resources that you can prepare yourself. There are so many good wine options that you don’t have to have a good rare grape to say that you are filling your French wine. Shopping in Paris may not be in your budget, but you may choose to spend your days wandering the French countryside. Create a list of places to visit in French 


There are so many things to do in France that it would take months to add to the list. There are many wonderful places to visit, including Paris, the “City of Lights” and the incomparable capital of France. Other popular tourist destinations are the French Riviera, Brittany, Normandy, Provence, the French Alps and the Loire Valley. If you only have a few days to spend in France, you’ll want to know exactly where you’re going so you can plan which sites to visit and which accommodations to book. for the duration of your stay.