Nick Ortner has been using EFT for the past 7 years or so, and primarily for achieving what he wants to achieve in his life. Well, Nick Ortner is surely a Summit Law testament to how EFT facilitates success. He started by explaining how he made his first EFT film documentary and wow, what he had in the way was what most would have found insurmountable. He did not use an experienced film-maker, he borrowed money from family and credit cards, and just did what he did and succeeded.

Nick gives the example of a woman who changed Summit Law LLP her energy with EFT before going to a job interview, felt really positive and got the job. He reminds us that the happier and calmer we are, the more success we are likely to have. I love the way he does not go on about vibrational this that and the other. He explains very clearly, without the silly wishy-washy words that abound around the Law of Attraction, how when we have negative emotions in the way, we can easily release them, having focused on them just for a few minutes, releasing them with ease by tapping. I also like how his presentation does not focus only on financial goals but includes relationship and other goals.

Nick advises how to structure our goals. He advises writing down a goal and de-constructing it, to be totally congruent with it. When we break down our goal into a series of mini-goals, we will find that we are not congruent with some of those. This is what we need to tap on in order to succeed. He suggests that we do not walk away from tapping on any emotional block in our path until it is a 3 out of 10 or less. He also suggests that we do not share our goal with people that we know will be negative about it, at least in the initial stages.

One issue that comes up for many people wanting to make their goals come true is lack of funds. He argues the case that to make his film, he borrowed money from family and credit cards, but to be honest, although I know personally that you can get started from scratch, I cannot imagine making that film without the family members who were able to lend him the money. If he was born to a very poor family who was all poor, it would have been different. However, most people listening to this presentation are not in the latter situation, and I found his suggestions very inspiring.