A phaco handpiece is a delicate piece of stuff related with a phacoemulsification machine that gives a rehashing and straight advancement to a cutting tip. Phaco procedure (got from the Greek word, «φακός», and that infers point of convergence) was at first evolved back in 1967 by Dr. Kelman, when he considered reenacting the ultrasonic improvement of a dental handpiece, but on a cascade eye. It was not long after that the first phaco machines and their phaco handpieces were created.

Mechanical progress has been steep on phaco handpieces. From the outset, they were arranged with 2 piezoelectric valuable stones giving a ultrasound power conveying 20000 movements each second, however late phaco handpiece models have up to 6 piezoelectric pearls that can make up to 60000 movements each second.

Phaco handpiece cost is an enormous cost for any ophthalmic office, with the expense of a new phaco handpiece running between 3.000 – 5.000 Euros depending upon the brand and the model, while a used phaco handpiece ordinarily costs between 1.500 – 2.500 Euros, the two cases generally went with no or limited assurance.

Phaco handpiece fix is the most fitting solution for a non-working phaco handpiece. In Ophthalmon SA, we offer a full remodel for your deformation phaco handpiece for a part of these costs, with a 6 to a year ensure. Notwithstanding the way that we fix, the essential issue of your phaco handpiece during the upkeep, yet we reestablish it, so at the end what you get is a totally utilitarian phaco handpiece that works like another.

Even more expressly what you get is:

New piezoelectric jewels

New connector

New line

New cathodes

New seals

New strain lightening

New O-rings

New chipset

New inside wiring

New shims

In our phaco handpiece fix organization, we basically keep the outside metallic chamber that the expert handles, while totally displacing every single other part. Along these lines, what rises up out of our studio is a flawless phaco handpiece with your old metallic wrapping. We put earnestly in the detail of our work and reliably guarantee each and every piece of phaco handpiece that gets past our lab is attempted comprehensively to work in a perfect world. Our exacting work guarantees that the phaco handpiece will have equivalent or substantially more conspicuous life cycle than its exceptional condition.

Here in Ophthalmon SA, we can fix any brand or model of phaco handpiece. Potentially it’s from the latest phaco machines of the two overall goliaths (Alcon Centurion and Bausch and Lomb Stellaris) or from any close by producer (like Oertli or Lumed).

We have unequivocally arranged an inescapable test framework, so all phaco handpieces fixed are altogether assessed already, during and after the completion of the maintenance. With our high development gear we can measure the transducer’s limits overall and stress test the phaco handpiece under real working conditions.

Every expert in our studio is incredibly capable and comprehensively ready in many phony fixes, before managing a client’s phaco handpiece. The aggregate of the welding and assembling is done under an amplifying instrument to ensure even the most miniscule detail.

Client satisfaction is the number 1 need in our association for phaco handpiece fix organization. Click here for more information www.ophthalmon.com