When you’re sprucing up or giving your company’s website a facelift, keep it simple, mate. Choosing the right type of website is crucial for your business dealings. Overloading your site will just baffle your visitors.

Types of websites, you ask?

It’s all about focusing on one goal. But what makes these website types different?


These are your online shops. You could go big like Amazon, selling everything under the sun, or niche down to a single product, like the WA-234 Mono – a fancy headphone and speaker amp from Woo Audio.

The aim? Get visitors to buy what you’re selling. Everything on an e-commerce site, from photos to product descriptions, is about turning browsers into buyers.


A branding or brand website dishes out info about your company, products, or services. It’s all about getting people familiar with your brand and pushing it out there. Take the relaunch of Crystal Pepsi – pure nostalgia marketing with a ’90s website vibe. Clever, right?


These sites are about getting to know your visitors’ wants. Perfect for driving them straight to your sales gallery or building a closer relationship.

Woodco Holdings is a prime example of doing it right, setting up a separate site from their corporate one to focus on generating leads.

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Such sites let you zero in on what users need without distractions from unrelated links or pages.


Think news sites or blogs. These rely heavily on ads and sponsored content for revenue.

PanduLaju, a Malaysian automotive site, is a good example. Ads and banners lead readers to advertisers, turning every ad space into a revenue opportunity.


Big tech firms often have these as a help hub for hardware, software, or services.

Apple Support is top-notch in this category, ready with answers to common questions, including how to reach support, updates on software or drivers, and community forums.

So, we’ve got five website types to consider. Ask yourself what your main goal and purpose are. This will guide you in picking the best website type for your business needs.